Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Upside Explosion in Silver once it breaks $21: James Turk

"While gold is moving higher, I am really focused on the $21 level in silver to be hurdled because that's when the upside explosion that we have been talking about is really going to start." ,   James Turk , he makes a good point about how much silver is actually left in the ground. I have long suspected that it is no longer 16/1 and more like the 8/1-12/1 you mentioned. Still, I have not seen any figures as to what is still there. Stands to reason though since, as u point out, silver is close to the surface and gold is deep. Everyday there is more gold and less silver available. Roll on the 8/1 ratio. Some of us will be partying like rock stars! Absolutely, same applies to gold jewellery..there is more silver utensils and coinage above ground than gold too.However the 16:1 ratio in the ground is debatable but it's safe to say that the ratio is probably closer to between 8:1 - 12:1 in reality as silver supplies in ground are drying up a little (as it is found closer to the surface than gold and has been easier to obtain) therefore most of the available silver has already been found at this point.

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