Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Buy Silver & Gold - Mike Maloney Bonus Feature

Best advice from the video "its better to have silver and gold than not have it"
Just buy what silver and gold you can! Protect whatever wealth you have. I think personally the less wealth you have the more important it is to protect it.
The most common questions after learning about gold and silver are "How?" and "What form of Bullion should I buy?" This guy has really woke me up to what real money is, from watching his videos and doing my own research I now have an understanding of how the monetary system works ... I support JPM group action!I support this!BUT as long as it is legal to go "naked short" on commodities (unlike stocks where you must find the stock to borrow before you can short sell, can't JP Morgan, GS, BofA and others just continue to "sell" (short) silver that doesn't exist? I've hrd just JPM has has as much as1.5 billion ounces sold short. More than all physical silver in the world! Much like if we tried to buy ALL US dollars.They'd print to infinity!When gold and silver regains a high profile so that every corner store and gas station is excepting PMs as payment, business owners and managers are going to get up to speed on what junk silver is. Are we empty the ocean? Comments? JP Morgan will no longer exist because we the people buy gold and silver. JP Morgan is shorting silver, is NAKED shorting silver.Mike, you break it down in the simplest terms for anyone to feel comfortable just getting into precious metals. You're a valuable resource. Thanks for all the extra work you do.

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