Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silver Shortage imminent

Silver to skyrocket on industrial growth

I expect silver to be $50 by the start of the new year .with every investor large and small buying silver coins - that alone would push the price up - I stop at a pawn shop today and bought 5 silver eagles- climb baby climb.unless the JPM/HSBC cartel have more derrivative shorts in the face of 5 class action law suits and a RICO bankster short-squeeze. Now JPM bought 1 billion of copper in London to cover their silver shorts? Money manager predicts the price of silver to skyrocket on industrial growth

Silver Shortage imminent,once the price goes up, we will see silver recycled from all the electronics that we use. Silver deposits in the ocean will be dug up. will all this satisfy the consumption of silver that we use currently? China and India should see an increase in standard of living.....that means more computers, TV's, etc. Thats an increase of consumption by 2-3 billion people. will the new found silver satisfy future consumption rates? who knows, but i think we all agree that it looks good for silver
actually we pretty much have dug everwhere. with how much money is it, better believe people know where its at. major gold deposits have all been found ( still smaller ones out there). the key point of less silver being in the ground than gold is economically accessible. There are major silver deposits in the oceans but until silver price goes up, it will cost more to get it out than what its worth currently. Not to mention that none is recycled like gold. again because of the price

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