Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Webster Tarpley: China will lap the US

This is the fourth time that cap and trade has failed in the United States Senate and each of the votes there has barely been any support. By 2025, China will be the world leader in production and consumption of energy according to Webster Tarpley. He also says that the administration will rely on lame ducks who will make up Congress later this Fall.

Webster Tarpley: Manufactured Terrorism & The N/S Korea Staged Crisis - Alex Jones Tv

Today is Opt-Out Day, China and Russia quit the dollar, and more will be discussed as Alex covers developing news stories. Guests include: Webster Tarpley.

Tarpley: US dollar up while artillery shelling on Korean peninsula

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North Korea and South Korea exchanged artillery fire yesterday. All the while the United States dollar has strengthened as bad blood between North and South Korea means big business for the US. Investigative journalist Webster Tarpley says the financial district is taking part in a flight to safety moving money in the US treasury, using North Korea as a catalyst to make other nations depend on the US.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Silver is more rare than gold, the price will explode | Adrian Douglas (Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver )

GATA board member Adrian Douglas, publisher of the Market Force Analysis financial letter (http://www.MarketForceAnalysis.com), was interviewed for a half hour yesterday by when the Dow jones average equals about the same as an oz of gold you'll know that precious metals have played out. Either DJ has to come down or gold has to skyrocket or the gov will pull a rabbit out of the hat and create a new currency anyway you look at it the dollar is in big trouble

To get some solid facts on what's going on in America and elsewhere I like these You Tubes: Peter Schiff, his are all good watch them all if you can.

Dr. Albert Bartlett, Titled: The Most Important Video You Will Ever See.

National Inflation Association, Titled: Meltup, and another one, Japan: Americas lost decade.

One last one that I just found is: Why Are We In So Much Debt. Very good info but a little slow for me. Have fun and God Bless!

Ted Butler on Silver Shortages

This is from an interview with Ted Butler on Financial Sense Radio talking about the shortages in the silver market. This interview is dated 10-25-2008.I tell you what. If people are to lazy to invest in themselves so be it. I refuse to miss out on this. I am out of work and I'm still trying to get as much silver as I can. I will see you at the top of the silver mountain King. Simple as this, there is nothing backing the U.S. dollar. It is worthless & perpetual debt. Take paper currency & burn it and see what you get. Melt silver or gold, it has many uses from industrial to medical, electronics...etc. Even copper is undervalued by 60% You will see copper hit $10/lb in the next few years. Nickels and penny's have more value than paper currency, its a metal! Buy growing seeds, tools, guns, bullets anything besides holding Federal Reserve toilet paper.

Between this clip and the numerous other ones featuring Gerald Celente regarding purchasing silver & gold, the low number of views really shows you how very few people actually know whats going on.

Bought me some more silver yesterday and im going to pick up some more gold today.

Enjoy the rest of your inflastion filled year Micollision!!!!!

Cheap Silver Equals Silver Shortages

Time looks good to buy again but don't take too long to decide.

No matter which direction Spot Silver goes from here Physical Silver looks like it's only going up !
my experience with Ainslie is that they way over charge. well they tried to sell me silver at $100 per kilo over the price i could get at the perth mint.
ok so this was a year or ago or so but there u have it. whats good about them is you can buy straight away walk in and out.
i may still buy gold from them if i don't want the hassle of the perth mint process but silver at the price they charge i don't think so.The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver bullion coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.88 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today! And besides their inherant value as silver bullion, they are also genuine Third Reich collectables thus adding to their value!

The Silver Shortage Will Come - Israel Friedman (Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver)

The Silver Shortage Will Come - Israel Friedman

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