Friday, December 24, 2010

James Turk and David Morgan on the silver price and CFTC

In this timely video, David Morgan of and James Turk discuss current high silver prices and the CFTC's investigation. Recorded on November 6, 2010.

A massive increase in short position of non-US banks has increased almost 1000% from 614 contracts in July to 6,329 contracts in December + 5,715. This offset the decline in the short position of the US banks over the same period which has reduced from 31,803 contracts to 26,332 contracts (delta -5,471 contracts). Which non-US bank(s) has increased its short position? What is relationship to the US Bank mega-shorts, JPMorgan and HSBC? Adrian Douglas I think we have seen the asian physical bulls (sovereign or not) take control of the market for the most part. Silver has shaken a a bit of it's outright correlation with gold while the GSR is in a major downtrend. QE2 will likely be $1.5 trillion + not including any swaps.  QE3 has been mentioned already.

There is no stopping the technical trend without a fundamental change, not considering volatile short term price movement.

Thank you Jim and Thank you David. All the Best.

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