Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Silver Shortage coming soon

Money manager predicts the price of silver to skyrocket on industrial growth.

Jp Morgan are said to be in a 3.3 billion ounce short position on silver. Everyone who owns paper silver ask for delivery & prey you get yours. Shouldn't be too difficult to prove the price manipulation.
unless the JPM/HSBC cartel have more derrivative shorts in the face of 5 class action law suits and a RICO bankster short-squeeze. Now JPM bought 1 billion of copper in London to cover their silver shorts? 2011,is almost here! now 50- 1000 silver is possible but the rulers dont want many to even , and yes a silver shotagew will come and yes the others nations will not buy the american gold silver are too much of any thing esle and many americas will be outraged by this , and all because we have let the evil people rule over us. and some how we get in another actual war, a draft will come to kill our young etc... america is done

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