Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim Rogers : Silver Bull Market has a long way to go

Famed investor Jim Rogers told CNBC in an interview dated 30 March 2011 that he sees the Silver and Gold bull market has still a long way to go : : ..." I just bought some gold and silver last week , not a lot but just for a variety of reasons , if they go down I am gonna buy more yes , the bull market in Silver has a long way to go ....paper money is being debased all over the world , no paper money is sound , virtually no paper money is sound anymore we're having shortages developing in silver , a lot of speculation the world a lot more inflation a lot more currency debasement , don't sell your silver ..."

Did you know that Gold/Silver has been money for 5000 years? Did you that 100 years ago $20 US bought you a suit or one ounce of Gold? Did you know that today one ounce will still buy you a suit, shirt, tie and shoes? But what can you buy with $20 US , Gold and Silver are real money ... paper money is just promises to pay nothing ... a dollar is actually worth about 4 cents and will eventually return to its intrinsic value and the Bankers know it. Its a CON GAME ... Bankers saying there is no Inflation and giggling back at the fed,

Peter Schiff Silver Super Cycle just started

Peter Schiff : Silver is the best of all world because it is an industrial metal and also a precious metal , so if you think the economy is growing you can buy silver and if you are afraid of inflation you can buy silver , it kind of has that element going for it ....the silver price is rising for the same reason that oil price is rising or agricultural commodities are rising , paper money is losing value , it is losing value because central banks are printing too much of it , that's not going to stop

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extreme concentration in COMEX gold and COMEX silver market

2 US banks hold 96% of COMEX commercial net short position
If enough people moved within the silver market and took delivery of their metal, then this artificial economy would end sooner than later. The so called 'Regulators' are no better than the Financial Banksters. A pox on all their mansions.Gold leasing and gold paper short positions are fraudulent empty IOU's (nothing) fiat paper "positions", this "paper" speculation is completely disconnected from the the real value of physical gold (and silver) bullion.

Wall Street is a fraud. The dollar is fiat and done. Goldman Sach are frauds Govt economic data: a fraud. Comex and The Federal Reserve: frauds Bernanke, Geitner, Paulson,  Stick to owning physical gold and silver bullion and let the music stop. silver is still a better choice to own than paper money.The metals were liquidated as were stocks of all sectors in Sept-Oct 2008. As there was a panic and all sectors, good and bad were sold. There is a manipulation in the short term but no firm or firms as big as the market. This has been tried before several times (documented) througout the centuries and failed. The bullions will have its top at a mania like previous equities and real estate sectors did. We are in a period of stagflation until 2017-18, that means extremes on both spectrums.Peace

Eric Sprott : Silver $100 per oz,

Eric Sprott of Sprott asset management talked about silver, silver stocks, silver bullion his recent interviews he called silver "The investment of the next decade" what the bankers have been doing with the gold (some dealers oversold 100 TIMES on paper) maybe happening with silver too it looks very likely they may get unstuck but as always its the people who be left with useless "Certificates" n the bankers declaring some kind of bankruptcy meaning either they'll be bailed out or declared the bank bankrupt while they be rolling in Billions they stolen from other people who tried to safeguard what little they had

Monday, March 28, 2011

Silver Price is holding at $37 range

Silver the Gold's baby brother could soon be worth as much as Gold ? according to some analysts in the recent 12 month period the price of silver increased by more than 100% while gold increased only 27% many experts believe that silver is just getting started ,3 articles by David Zurbuchen. "The World's Cumulative Gold and Silver Production," "The Silver Deficit," and "The Real Silver Deficit."
In these articles, Mr. Zurbuchen presents the numbers behind the claim that there is less Ag above ground than Au. However, he ultimately arrives at the rarety ratio of 1 to 5.78. Based upon this information there is 5.78 times as much usable Ag above ground as Au. So, $1400 Au should equal $242/oz Ag. Be smart buy silver now if you can find it !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The case for $750 Silver - The Dow / Gold Ratio

Silver will surpass a 16-1 Gold ration. It will probably be 1-1 Gold ratio considering Silver is rarer than Gold. the FED is buying 70% of the treasuries. Cash is going to crash , and metals to the moon. Hi ho silver My estimate was 666, i've been studying markets for 10 years now
Guess what gold to silver ratio 15 to 1
Gold $10k Silver $666 , If for instance you put $10,000 in the bank for a year at 6% you make $600 in 1 year which is probarbly less than inflation so you are loosing money in relation to spending power. However, if you put it in to silver for 1 year and it goes up 30%- 50% you make far far more than inflation and are actually improving your finacial position in relation to everyone else who keeps fiat. If silver goes up 1000% your position will be drastically improved in relation to fiat holders.The m1 money supply in late 1970s was $370 MMM. The money supply today is $1872 MMM or a 5:1 ratio

I read the other day that at the current price the entire silver market is only worth around $36 Billion. Well, look at how many billionaires existed in the late 70's and early 80's compared to today and think about how easy it would be for a few of them to start buying it all up. It would make those old Hunt Brothers highs look like pennies on the dollar.

As much as China is buying, and all the short positions,..I can see that. What about JP Morgan Chase getting a COMEX vault license to take delivery on silver

Saturday, March 26, 2011

$60/oz SILVER in the short term says Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman the international forecaster is talking $50 to $60 SILVER in the short term , he says this is BIG , get your now while you still can !Coin will be the new king... abandon your paper, soon the only thing you can do with it will be to wipe your behind

Bob Chapman : my take is every two weeks I buy Silver and I do not care what the price is , it does not make any difference to me ...and I buy Gold too but mostly silver recently because I see the leverage that is involved , you are talking a hundred to one I talk 45 to one , but it dos not make any difference it's BIG and JP Morgan Chase and HSBC they're buried they can't get out , what we are talking about : $50 , $60 silver short term , what are we talking about ? a loss of 50 billion dollars ! that is a lot of money , now what I expect them to do when they get to that level and they cannot cover , they are gonna default They have defaulted and to cover their ass-ets they opened their own vault granted by the CFTC in just 17 days, a process that takes months. We are talking about JP Morgan.each time they raise the margins, the prices recover quicker and quicker. Pretty soon, it won't matter how much or how many times they raise margins.
It seams the US constitution means nothing in regards to $ as it dose not allow a fiat currency, yet that is what the US has had since 1971, is that not correct ?
Then the US forced the rest of the world to go to fiat currency to trade.
What good is a constitution in the US if the people just sit back & allow this & more ? From an outsiders perspective there have been so many unconstitutional laws &private corporate implementations established in the US

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silver prices shot past $38 today

Silver prices shot passed $38 and gold price is at $1446.00 an all time high
The bottom line is 1) we will have a collapse because nothing will be done except maybe delay it slightly, we're so far past the point of no return, and 2) when it does happen, the government and fed will be as secretive and creative as possible to forestall or deny it, point to scapegoats, cover up its role, etc. so don't expect to get an official memo urging people to prepare, and 3) when it does happen, it will be ugly at best and medeival at worst so we must prepare.

Debt peaked. But we were talking about inflation versus deflation. The fed doesn't "print", it electronicaly puts money into accounts that is used the same as printed money. All this money creation is causing prices to rise same as if the fed had used the printing press- bottom line! Money creation is why prices are going up in the mideast and begining to do so here on all but housing. . So far the trend is dollar depreciation but it's possible you are right. I would argue that, as people get margin calls on their unrealized futures losses (m-t-m), they can use electronic money or send checks against their electronic money in their bank accounts to meet those requirements. Also, for every loser there is a gainer who gets the money, and ultimately if we have inlfation, whoever gets it will spend it quickly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver American Eagle

Silver American Eagle : The history behind this silver coin is very interesting along with the investment potential. We also discuss what to collect from the American Silver Eagles. This is a coin that anyone can collect.If you're ordering within the US, APMEX is great! They have competitive pricing, a good variety of products, and excellent customer service. I just enjoy browsing the site and drooling, even when I'm not ordering. Reportedly, they're working on expanding their market outside the US, so it's worth keeping an eye on them

Much Praise most be set forth for South Africa for they are the first to coin gold bullion pieces - uniquely enough such coins attain no face value. South Africa Gold is the pinnacle of ambience for abundance in the world. The last time the U.S. Mint minted silver dollars was 1964 whereas 200,000 Peace Dollar Variety pieces were struck at the Denver Mint but matters prompted the Silver Dollars to be melted and it's a certainty that none escaped the Mint

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Silver is the most traded industrial commodity after Oil

Silver is the most traded industrial commodity after Oil , David Morgan the silver guru is being interviewed by the famous Max Keiser of the campaign Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan : there is a whole range of industrial application that need silver especially in electronics , there is a mere one billion onces of silver above ground at the moment , keep on stacking this thing will shoot to Jupiter soon , in 5 or 10 years from now you will be glad you did ...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Silver price over $36/oz today

Silver bullion price over $36/oz today Gold price is at $1434. Signs of economic collapse and a crash of the dollar. Silver bullion price is over $36.Silver has been historically used as money just like Gold. Both tend to be safe heavens during crisis situations. Silver is still too cheap at this moment. The current food inflation around the world just may get worse with wheat stockpiles down, fewer plantings in Russia today. The US estimates that global grain stockpiles to be down 13%. Not only does the world face a further economic collapse but now governments must prepare for food riots and further unrest.Federal Reserve's QEs Cause Worldwide Inflation - Food Prices At Record Levels .I heard that the US Mint has suspended production of ASE's, due to lack of investment grade silver

It only makes sense that there will soon be a shortage of silver to the average person. It also makes sense that at the rate things are going, the Silver would be at 50.00 an ounce EASY by the end of 2011. The dollar is slipping faster than ever and suddenly people that never gave the metals a thought, are doing so now and making 1st purchases. Food survival cans? Better hurry for these folks. Just not available in many places (sold out) and up to 120 day waiting period. A panic is beginning. Every time the FED prints massive amounts of money, they transfer money from the poor to their banks. Eventually, if they do it enough times, the people will have paid for the theft that has taken place in the past 20 to 30 years. When this happens, the economy will begin to recover. The problem is, it seems there is not enough money in the world to bring back the banks from their death dive. So we need to protect ourselves by buying silver and storing actual nickels, pennies, etc., etc.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Industrial demand from China will boost silver price

The #1 reason why silver will reach a triple digit spot price is the China factor. Prior year 2002, the private ownership of gold was prohibited in China but since early 2009, the Chinese government has been promoting aggressively the ownership of silver and gold to its citizens through China's Central Television, the main state-owned television company. Locals can buy silver bullion or gold bars at any Chinese bank in four different sizes .The Cninese demand for silver is still strong and further physical silver shortage could develop.China and its people are getting richer. They have high savings rate which enables them to invest in production and buy gold, silver and other commodities.
As Chinese people getting richer they will want to increase their standards of living. They will create demand for electronics and other consumer goods.As we know it's impossible to make iphone or TV without silver.Silver is the best electricity conductor.There is a lot of potential for high silver demand.Around 20% of World's population lives in China.

The global annual mine production for silver stands at 860 million ounces. Population of China is 1.3 Billion. Even if half, 650 million, were to buy a minimum of one ounce every month, that is enough to cause a price increase. If the Chinese citizens are indeed beginning to buy gold and silver, then this has to be a strong indication that prices are going to rise dramatically in the relatively near future.China is the only country in the world now that promotes gold and silver to their citizens.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lindsey Williams : Silver will go to $100/oz

Gold & Silver prices "You have seen nothing yet": says Pastor Lindsey Williams the plan by the global elite to sabotage the dollar, destroy the economy and America by 2012. For the next 10 years silver will be like 2 steps forward 1 step back. But will probably be more like 5 forward 2 back. Their may be one big dip & many chickens will flap & sell, only to regret & see it shoot beyond imagination. You have to look at the industrial & technical revolution & the global economic crisis. After doing my research I don't give a dam if silver goes down, as eventual fiat currency is going to 0, it's a possible small loss or loose everything, whats the fuss.

Gold production is decreasing due to few great Gold mine discoveryes. Witwatersrand played a big rule in gold offer since 1970 and people investing in Gold should observe the whole around this metal. I have seen predictions of Gold falling back to USD 300/oz (speculation) and I have also seen predictions for Gold reaching USD 9000/oz considering industrial consumption and mining supply. Gold Mining production is around 2500 ton/year and demand around 3800 ton/ year. Take your own conclusions.
The United States holds the largest gold reserve in the world. With 8,133.5 tonnes, (241, 207, 076 oz) the US gold holdings are worth approximately $337.67 billion. This massive gold reserve would have to increase 40 times just to cover the debt !! That’s $56,000 a once. But the us already defaulted on its gold reserves back in 1971. So whatever the us has or doesnt have in gold isnt being sold. Roosevelt already defaulted on gold back in 1933. Nixon defaulted on foreign creditors in 1971. Assuming the us still has gold, how much dollars must the us print in order to turn 300 billion dollars worth of gold into 14 trillion?

Silver will Outperform Gold , even Jim Cramer agrees

Silver is 4 - 5 times rarer than Gold.It is vanishing fast - due to industrial uses and is too cheap to recycle.In the not too distant future it will be more expensive than Gold.Get some now while they are giving it away....
It will be like buying 25 Van Gogh paintings for nothing - when he was alive.Silver is a tremendous long term investment. but watch out Jim Cramer is promoting ETF SLV , this blog is instead promoting Physical silver that you own and you touch with your own hands , anything that is printed on a paper is practically worth the paper it is printed on

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silver or Gold Bullion

During the time of Tiberius (time of Christ) 200 denarius was about 21.5 troy ounces of silver by weight, the price to buy 5,000 loaves of bread to feed 5,000 men with their families (Mark 6:37). Average price of a loaf of bread in Canada today is $3.00. To feed 5,000 at one loaf per family would cost $3 x 5,000 or $15,000. Thus an ounce of silver during the time of Tiberius priced in today’s dollars is $15,000 /21.5 troy ounces (200 denarius) = $697 per ounce.

Silver is definitely undervalued. In fact, many top analysts say the prices of silver and gold ought to be reversed based on supply alone. Some say the Earth has less than a decade left of silver left in its ground.  Silver actually has alot of industrial demand. All the Gold that's ever been mined still exists in one form or another.Silver is gonna go crazy like really really crazy as Jim Sinclair's call which is gold going to 1625$... XD get silver and get silver miner! XD . America and the World is headed toward an economic Meltdown!
The majority of individuals are simply to busy to have any insight into the above truth. If you see this truth, then please, for the sake of you and your loved ones, take a minute to empower yourself with the knowledge of what you can do to thrive and survive.JPM said they are going to lessen the naked short positions. With what their magic wand? I will never believe them. They are full of BS and their are always going to be full of BS because the Fed makes money out of thin air and they are not federal and they don't have a reserve.
The industry demand of silver is far much bigger now then in -91, also the central banks was selling of huge amounts of silver in the 90's.

Most silver today is in landfills and the reserves above ground has never been smaller.

This has made silver interesting for investors and the investing part of silver is also getting bigger and bigger.

Another "historical" event is the growing markets in the 3rd world, now getting computers and cellphones. The only demand in the 90's was from west.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : Gold and Silver is Gods Money

Robert Kiyosaki : Gold and Silver is Gods Money Cash is trash get your silver bullion today while still you can , in 5 , 10 years from now you will be glad you did

when this video was made, Silver was at $15.00 per ounce and NOW it's at $35.00 per Ounce..... It's going to be interesting if it reaches $6,000 per ounce like Robert Kiyosaki mentioned a couple months ago in an interview ,buying silver is just like buying gold you don't really make any money you just secure your money like insurance .silver is going to go up huge in the coming years buy now while it's low, don't sell just yet because you will be glad you didn't later. The way the Fed is printing money like it's going to run out and the debt worry in Europe the safest place to reserve your hard earned money against inflation in silver or gold. History don't like as silver and gold are the safest shelter for your money during uncertain times like we are in. Robert said: "I believe this is the biggest investment anyone can make in the next 100yrs"
I have respected Kiyosaki since i read his first book- He tells the truth without being a "whistleblower" I believe his philosophies 100 percent- and guess what , he's rich and he will always be rich - Very interesting that this video from pre Obama days mentions Poland has 1/4 of the worlds silver supply- april 2010 what just happened- the rulers wer just wiped out in one fell swoop and now they are all set to get swallowed by the EU globalists - think it has anything to do with Polands silver?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHY INVEST MONEY IN SILVER? The Best Investment of this decade

Silver rose from less than $ 1.50 per ounce in 1970 to nearly $ 50 in 1980, increased by about 2400%
Over 90% of all silver mined the past 5000 years is used up in manufacturing, and world silver inventory is now the lowest for 200 years. Meanwhile, demand for silver greater than ever.

Every year we need 100-200 million ounces more than recovered and recycled together. Essentially, the film / photo industry, electronics industry, jewelers, silver coins and Silver bullion / bars which accounts for the largest consumption of silver. This industry requires an average of 900 million ounces annually, while the supply is 750 million. Thus the world use more silver than it produced, a development that is taking place for the twentieth consecutive year. 70-80% of the silver being transferred to the market recovered today as a byproduct of copper, zinc, lead and gold mine operating earnings because of pure silver mines is minimal. This gives a clear signal that something must be done. Either the demand down, or you must supply up. The first is unthinkable, silver has become a consumable. If the supply up, obviously recovered more. And if it produced more, then silver price up to and at all clean extraction of silver attractive to mining companies.

Famous investor and billionaire Warren Buffett bought in 1997 the entire 130 million ounces of silver, the maximum number of ounces he was allowed to buy. A giant investment that attracted enormous attention. Perhaps not so surprising when you consider that the world's silver reserves reported today is about 170 million ounces. There are several familiar names who have shown their interest in silver. George Soros owns a large share of Apex Silver (SIL). Bill Gates owns more than 10% of Pan American Silver Corp. (PaaS). Major players in the financial world who have chosen to hedge some of their portfolio in silver. In China, the government sold from the quantity of their silver store the last 4 years (2005), but has had to make cutbacks after realizing that the country's rapidly growing economy will need more silver than they can produce themselves. The authorities are now stockpiling gold and silver, and has publicly gone out and asked residents to do the same: invest in real real values.

Data from the U.S. Mint confirms an increasing demand for silver. The sales of Silver Eagles doubled from an average of 4.5 million ounces of 90-years, to over 9 million oz. in 1999. Increase the time was not only a temporarily flickers, average sales for the past 9 years prior to 2008 have added about 9.5 million oz., Against the 19,583,500 oz. units sold last year.

The problem with cash is the value of the currency it has accumulated in. If you look back in time, "paper money" always ended up being worthless, and the current situation is no exception. Most of the world economy is built on numbers in the form of notes, stocks, derivatives and other so-called securities. We have a debt based monetary system that is based almost exclusively on ordinary people's borrowing needs, so-called "fractional banking." Banks' manipulation of the modern economy is an extensive chapter to themselves. .

Official figures from the U.S. for January 2009 shows that silver is underpriced for gold with a 1:77 ratio in relation to 1:15 has been the norm historically. As a long-term, defensive investing is silver, making a huge potential, and a quadrupling of today's silver price within a short time is not unthinkable.

World silver mine Production has increased shock through the past few years from about 600 million ounces in 2001 up to 670.6 million ounces in 2008, according to World Bank Silver Survey 2009

Silver is quite diverse. It is the industrial applications . On enabling out of this, if an area of ​​the market falls a candidate can theoretically prop up the price of silver.

Some Silver Application:

* Industry: batteries, soldering, electronics
* Precious Metals: Money, Jewelry,
* New Emerging Markets: solar, water pollution, Medicinal applications

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch out for fake Silver coins Made in China

Watch out for fake Silver coins Made in China , there some fake Chinese pandas coins circulating , so get yourself a digital scale and weight them , the Chinese are very good in making all king of fakes including gold and silver to be very careful .Weighting could not be enough though , I am sure that there will be new fake silver with the correct weight coming soon (by mixing metals, etc). As soon as we figure out their game, they change it ,while weight is a quick and easy test. It is not a final test on whether or not it is real, There are other tests that can be done. I will have to get out the college chem textbook to review. There is a calculation based on the mass of the object and its volume displacement in water for .999 fine, this will yield a theoretical calculated weight based on the molecular weight of the metal in question. Compare this to scale , there is also the ring test where you flip the coin off your thumb to make sure your coins doesn't have a high pitched sound to it. but most importantly try to buy only and exclusively from sources you trust

Gold and Silver Short Squeeze, David Morgan interview

There is a lot of talk recently about a short squeeze in silver, and about backwardation (where future month prices are in fact lower than the spot or current price) The easiest way to ride this Silver and Gold bull market which is the only true bull market around, is to buy and own physical gold and silver held in your own possession. You cannot sell simply hitting a button. Perfect situation to be in. That is, if you want to stay in your position during a bull market go long and stay long I hope that you get the last ounce of silver on planet earth. I want to see this thing explode already State of Utah has already passed a bill making Gold and Silver legal tender in the state.

Silver price will skyrocket between now and 2030

Ways for Investing in silver : The increasing demand for precious metals, along with the growth of recent years in prices of other commodities, have created the conditions for a promising future for Silver investments , one of the most popular precious metals. Silver is widely used in jewelry, in the production of coins, pottery, as well as production of electronic components and electrical circuits, and industrial alloy with good toughness. Therefore, it is expected that its price will rise a lot between now and 2030. silver ETFs are a good way to invest in this commodity, and today there are several ETFs on the market, to suit almost any level of risk tolerance. The speculators can invest in growth of the silver also buying shares in companies, or indirectly by focusing on those industries. Other more complex ways to invest on silver are buying raw material on site and / or futures markets.but obviously there is one only way we recommend in investing in Silver and that is directly buying Silver bullion coins and bars and hold it yourself in your safe or somewhere you judge secure ...ETFs and Shares are papers and could become worth the paper they were printed on in case the SHTF....and always remember Silver price will skyrocket between now and 2030

Monday, March 14, 2011

Silver is more rare than Gold!

Silver, above ground, is more rare than gold! There is seven times as much gold above ground as compared to silver! silver is more rare than gold! Few realize or know this , in fact In refined form above ground, such as in bars & coins , so how much Silver and how much Gold is there ? : It is said that 95% of all gold mined in the history of the Humanity continues to be held by people either as investment or jewelery. How much is this? According to the World Gold Counsel, the world has mined 145,000 metric tonnes by the end of 2001. If we add the 2500 tonnes per year through the end of 2010, it's 167,500 metric tonnes, or an average of 5.90 billion ounces. If 95% if that gold is still with us, that's 5.60 billion ounces of gold in the world. (That includes gold jewelry.) Another way to say it is that mankind holds about 50 years' worth of mine supply of gold.Now, how much silver is there? According to the two industry silver surveys by the silverinstitute and the cpmgroup, the mankind has about 250 million ounces to up to 650 million ounces of silver. (Those numbers do not include silver jewelry.) If we use the larger number, there is about seven times as much gold in the world as silver! (Another way to say it is that mankind holds less than one year's mine supply of silver.)
But how about the Silver Jewelery ? there is a good reason not to include silver jewelry. we already know that silver is not as valuable as gold. When silver is made into jewelry, there is valuable skilled labor involved, which adds to the price and value of the object. A very cheap silver ring will cost about $10, and will contain about 1/5 of an ounce of silver, or less. This means the cost of that metal, in that form, is about $50/oz.! This means that silver, in the form of jewelry, cannot be sold for a profit for the sake of the value of the scrap metal alone, until silver rises about tenfold in price, up to, and exceeding, $50/oz.What is really strange is that the world has seven times as much refined gold as silver, yet silver is still very cheap compared to gold .the world mines about 2,600 metric tonnes of gold per year (according to, (83.6 million ounces) and mines about 586 million ounces of silver ( according to, the world mines about seven times more silver each year than gold. An impartial observer might view those numbers, and conclude that a minimum price for silver should be 1/7th of the gold price, not 1/60th of the gold price. Then, taking into account current refined supplies, that there is seven times as much gold in the world as silver, silver should be worth much more than that.Today, since silver is so much cheaper than gold, it is much less economical to mine and sell silver.But how much gold and silver is there in the ground? In the ground, gold is more rare than silver. The historic ratio is about 15:1, meaning 15 ounces of silver were worth about one ounce of gold, and this ratio was very close to the ratio at which the two were mined. About ten to fifteen times as much silver was mined as gold. Today, less silver is mined.My Conclusion is that the monetary demand for silver cannot go down from this point, it can only go up.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011



my position is still silver but everyone conveys the message that gold is not a good invesment (not even close to silver). What happens if say in 5-10 years from now, the dollar tanks and we accept a new world currency propped/backed up by gold? Gold would clearly win in my opinion. Look at palladium. it goes up and up looks like a perfect invesment for the long term. yet, if the world goes to electric cars in the future, its value will plumme

Silver $600/oz soon but dont sell as new ratio with Gold attained in future predict Web bots

Silver $600/oz soon but don't sell as new ratio with Gold attained in future predict Web bots

CNBC On The Case For $130 Silver

Silver possibly up to $130 on Fast money CNBC : CNBC On The Case For $130 Silver
get silver while you can. the silver dots are starting to connect.....................

Also in 1980 the Financial system was salvageable and the US dollar was King and Global fiat money was still early in its life. We are at the end of the Global fiat money life cycle, the US dollar is about finished and the US GOv is Bankrupt with 1.6 trillion dollar deficits most of which is being monetized.
3 guys can buy up a third of the global silver market, but billions of people can't afford food?

To hell with this crony capitalism.


Eric Sprott - talks about Silver bullion delay for their physical silver trust

Sprott - talks about Silver bullion delay for their physical silver trust

Friday, March 11, 2011

Silver Exploding - Ron Paul , Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki

Silver Exploding - Ron Paul , Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki , BUY SILVER WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Silver is a can't miss investment, and the perfect insurance.

Nostradamus predicted for our time shortage of gold and silver and hyperinflation and also that the goverments will start ot produce false gold, All currency will be destroyed by the governments . This time is a sign for third world war, starting at far east, lybia is mentioned a lot and the from Syria a atomic rocket will hurt Israel.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silver Price Down, Unemployment Up, Oil Price Down, Saudi Day of Rage Uncertain

Siver prices are down today on bad economic data all around. American trade deficit went up 15%, Unemployment numbers are up in America. Spain's debt has been down graded. China posted lower growth than expected. Gold price down as well. No economic recovery in sight.

Oil Prices are down in spite of the Saudi Arabia day of rage planned for tomorrow. Platinum and Palladium are down as well. Libyan turmoil still going on. Gas prices are still high. Dollar and Euro in a race for collapse. Economic collapse can happen in either Europe or America.

Buy silver when prices are going down. Commodities will still be in great demand for years to come. Prepper prepare.

Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade - Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott explains why he believes that Silver Is the Investment of the Decade

Monday, March 7, 2011

Silver Manipulation: New Orleans Conference Speakers Chime In

Silver Manipulation : New Orleans Conference Speakers Chime In
Speakers at the 2010 New Orleans Investment Conference give their opinion about the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and their attempts at curbing silver manipulation. Guests include Brent Cook, Mark Skousen, Bill Murphy and Chris Powell (GATA), and Brien Lundin.

Silver Price $36, Food Shortages , Higher Food Prices , Flooding To hit Midwest

food prices can literally go to infinity. Especially with the use of credit cards these days, people wont just not eat. They'll charge as much as they need to survive
Ethanol cuts MPG by as much as 25%, ergo, oil/gasoline consumption goes up. Just google "how to remove ethanol from gasoline" People hate ethanol cuz it hurts MPG. Also, there is a chemical reaction that causes the motor oil to break down quicker, thus causing more damage to engines

Silver bullion price is over $36, gold is higher as well. The current food inflation around the world just may get worse with wheat stockpiles down, fewer plantings in Russia today. The US estimates that global grain stockpiles to be down 13%. Not only does the world face a further economic collapse but now governments must prepare for food riots and further unrest.

Food inflation has taken down governments in Egypt, Yemen and has spread to Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Violence in the Middle east continues. Precious metals and commodities continue to go up in price. Higher oil prices and higher gas prices causing big problems.

National weather service is calling for flooding to hit the upper Midwest in America. This may cause a major disruption in grain harvest come the fall. The US estimates that there will only be 18 days of grain on hand at the beginning of the fall harvest. Preppers keep prepping. Buy bulk food if you can to protect yourself from higher food prices later. Gardening will be a big plus. Grow your own food if at all possible.

Wheat Planting Falls to Four-Year Low in Russia Amid Export Ban

Silver Justice

Silver Justice

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Silver Touches $36.00 an Ounce in the Overnight access Market -WOW!!!I wonder what is going to happen when silver hits $100 and above this year. I say keep stacking and don't sell.

I love how fast it has recovered! I did not think it would go to 30, now I think its going over 100 sooner than we all think! Im not selling! I am buying more! Inflation is going to be harsh. I see the dollar going down dramatically as well. Most of the mainsteam media has had Dollar Collapse stories in the last week. Now EVERYONE has this on their mind.I was at a family function today and many of my realitives are buying this week because they are afraid of losing their savings. This is scary.

Silver hits new 31-year high of $36.30 Sunday March 6 2011

Silver hits new 31-year high of $36.30 Sunday March 6 2011
I hope you have your physical silver already, if not, buy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
March 20, American Day of Rage
End the Wars & End the Federal Reserve so the US does NOT go bankrupt

17 tonnes of silver found in a Temple

The police were looking for a thief and look what they found 17 tonnes of silver worth 90 crore rupees in an hermitage right outside Jagannath temple of Puri, Orissa. i worked out the price 17 million 4 hundred and 8 thousand dollars At the current spot price of $33.38 per oz, that's approx. $18,244,000.. Wow ....SILVER!! Its the investment of the decade. Start stacking now. Blythe Masters of JP Morgan needs this silver BAD!

The Silver Tsunami

The Silver Tsunami

Silver Backwardation and Ron Paul / Peter Schiff warning

Silver Backwardation and Ron Paul / Peter Schiff warning

Saturday, March 5, 2011

$35 SILVER and the Lindsey Williams factor

$35.02 and then it sunk! Another all-time GOLD high.6 million people heard Lindsey Williams give the ultimate case for silver Friday on Coast-to-Coast:

Why Silver Prices are Heading Higher—The Fundamentals

Why Silver Prices are Heading Higher—The Fundamentals David Morgan and Mike Maloney on The Financial Sense Newshour Mar/04/2011
Newshour, Guest Expert, Roundtable A special roundtable on the silver market Jim Puplava With David Morgan and Mike Maloney

Silver Class Action

Silver Class Action

Patrick Timpone hosts "The Real Wolrd of Money" Saturdays and Wednesdays. Featured guest is Andrew Gause (monetary historian, author).
Cafferty Faucher, LLP is the law firm responsible for bringing the legal suit against "The Boys" (JMPG HSBC)
Andrew Gause is one of the most brilliant minds in finance. Gause is author of the books "Secret World of Money" and "Uncle Sam Cooks the Books". He is a featured guest on "The Real World of Money" and contributor to CNN/NBC.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Every $20 Billion in new money will move the price of silver $144 higher. JP Morgan is in deep, deep trouble.This video provides the empirical logic for why we must "BUY SILVER!" Well, $500 silver will come after we get to $175

Of the $600-$1,000 Trillion Dollars in derivatives globally and that's a T as in Trillions what percentage would have to be converted to silver to bring the price to $1,000. per troy oz.? $140 Billion in new money pouring into physical silver gets us to $1,000/ounce (and that's not even counting the impact of the unraveling 100 to 1 paper fraud out there) I'm just counting new, honest money like Sprott's PSLV was.The dollar hasn't even bothered to get up off the mat lately. It's hard to look at the oil price and food prices and add the silver shortage on top and think of a scenario where it doesn't all come undone in the next few months. Just about time for another war. Are we ready for WWIII? If one of the middle eastern countries attempt to abandon the dollar for oil trades, it would be the first shot.

So many things about to kill the $, silver will do it for sure in the near future.

Silver Signals Hyperinflation & End of Petro Dollar

03/04/2011 Silver is signaling hyperinflationary expectations and the end of the current Petro Dollar system implemented between 1971 and 1973.

Some people make a big deal about gold prices up. Spot prices tonight show gold @ $1,428.50 up from $1,133.60 one year ago. Silver tonight, $35.44, one year ago, $17.20. It's a test to see if your paying attention ;)i'm afraid they're going to close off downtown washington, dc one night and our lie filled hatful media shows us some old clips of sporting events and say there is a revolution taking down obama and friends, and we wake up to a much more cruel "dictator".

COMEX Massive silver shortages and collapse of EURO and USD in 2011

COMEX Massive silver shortages and collapse of EURO and USD in 2011
A recent interview with Lindsey on Alex Jones has him mentioning that some rich folks did get wind of the silver leveraged position of the COMEX and started withdrawing silver by the millions of ounces, supporting the web bots analysis. At the silver prices and with backwardation of the spot price, it won't be long before the COMEX goes bust and the paper and physical silver prices diverge.

If you don't hold silver, then you don't own it.

Webbots score again !..They had predicted there would be a shortage of physical silver that was being held for storage as "allocated bullion", meaning these "rich investors" would have been paying storage fees for bullion which wasn't even turn, these rich folks would start "rich riots" .

However the webbots said the "rich riots" probably wouldn't make headline news so you may want to subscribe to my channel.... 'cause I do pay attention to this sorta info.
And BTW, the Webbots predicted this would set off the price of silver as these billionaires would take their cash settlement and immmediatly buy physical silver with it....which in turn will force drastic price increases on a daily basis... $5, $20...
driving the Elites Crazy!!

hold on folks '' cause I've got some much more to say about what silver will be doing in the near future and it's all Bright!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eric Sprott - Silver going to $100 - March 1st 2011

Eric Sprott speaking from the mining conference in Florida : Silver going to $100 - March 1st 2011

Why Silver is Headed to $500/oz - Backwardation Explained by Jason Hommel

Silver expert Jason Hommel tells why silver, at just under $35 today, will eventually hit $500 per ounce, plus he explains why backwardation is now happening in the silver futures market

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

U.S. Mint Stops Silver Eagle Production! WOW

Silver Eagle Stoppage :
Production of United States Mint American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins continues to be temporarily suspended because of unprecedented demand for American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins. Until recently, all available silver bullion blanks were being allocated to the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Program, as the United States Mint is required by Public Law 99-61 to produce these coins “in quantities sufficient to meet public demand . . . .”

Silver Scarcer Than Gold But More Useful - Mike Maloney & David Morgan In Las Vegas

The world as we know it would cease to exist without silver.50$/oz silver is a no brainer .We are at the very beginning of a very unique opportunity for the average person to obtain silver at the last prices below $40. BUY NOW

Quote from my dealer, "I'll have to call around to get you some silver, but I have plenty of gold right now." (Dealer!!!!! Sounds like I'm jonesing for a fix!)
However , It would be worth to give gold _some_ credibility :) There is a lot of uses for gold in the electronics industry. Not to the same degree as silver, but it exists. Part of recycling of fine electronics is to get some of the gold back. It's also much used as a chemical catalyst, or at least experimented much as such.

So if gold suddenly disappeared, you'd certainly see signs of this in specific industries. It's not like no one would care or notice. But life would probably go on, indeed