Saturday, May 7, 2011

Steve Quayle : the silver market is getting ready to explode in June

Steve Quayle : I want to say something about silver , there is a massive undertaking going on the paper market which is not representative of the physical market according to Cliff High of halfpassthuman (Webbot project) we are going to see in June forward gold and silver prices are going to go beyond anything occurred in may , now the reason for that is that silver is going to come into a whole new use for the new electrics which China is leading the forefront in background so ladies and gentlemen those of you who have purchased silver even at the highest prices hold on because you have not seen anything yet and according again to some people I am talking to there is a massive disinvestment in the ETFs. Steve Quayle & Dr Steve Pieczenik Survive To Thrive Broadcast 05/05/2011 , this is all a paper manipulation please be patient if you have spent any money on silver you will be rewarded ....the silver market is getting ready to explode

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