Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day of Rebound for Gold and Silver - Gold +1.1%, Silver +4.8%

Precious metals rebound today : Gold +1.1%, +4.8% Silver . The prices of precious metals have closed today in New York with a . The gold futures expiring in June gained 1% to $ 1,495.80 an ounce and silver up 4.8% at $ 35.10 an ounce. The rally in prices of agricultural commodities and oil have made an ​​increase pushed by the fears of inflation by the market . The corn has appreciated by 3.8%, wheat by 7.2% and 3.3% for the crude oil. The prices of precious metals have also benefited from the weakening of the dollar today.It's a Day of rebounds for the precious metal, thanks to the general weakness of the U.S. dollar and despite the very exciting developments in equity markets, given that in recent times, the correlation between equity and commodities has been very strong. Gold is now slightly below the $ 1,500 an ounce mark and 4-hour chart shows an interesting triangle of compression in the coming days (or maybe in the next few hours) could be implemented with a directional movement of relief. The high volatility of the market makes it impossible to make accurate projections in the short term, although it must be said that in the last hour prices were the first bouncing off lows on the support area of $ 1,480 / oz and then the area of $ 1,490 / oz . it is impossible to envisage if the target is upward or downward: in the event of continuation of the upward trend, we can assume a landing area at least $ 1,530 / oz, and if sentiment deteriorates again we can expect a fast return to area $ 1,480 / oz before and $ 1,460 / oz . As for silver, however, currently quoted in the area $ 34.9 - $ 35 an ounce and are in contact with the dynamic resistance of Ema20 about 4 hours. We are dealing with a side stage for several hours and even here a new burst in volatility is possible . Downward eye to the loss of $ 34 / oz, which sheds new area prices to $ 32 / oz. In the event of continuation of the bounce, however, could be considered a landing at 36.5 $ / oz first and then $ 39-40 and up.

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