Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is This 1980 all over again for Silver ?

Some people may think : this is just like 1980 all over again and that silver price will now collapse just as it did in 1980. In 1980 silver prices rose to a height of $48.70/oz from their normal price of $5/oz.Silver prices increased ten times their previous levels.There was a was high fuel costs and terrible inflation. People wanted to change their paper money into hard assets like silver. This started driving prices up and up. At the same time the Hunt brothers, oil tycoons from Texas, bought two hundred million ounces of silver options and futures. This caused terrible shortages and drove prices sky high.The brothers were estimated to hold one third of the entire world supply of silver.But on January 7, 1980, came the response of The COMEX the exchange rules regarding leverage were changed , The COMEX adopted "Silver Rule 7" placing heavy restrictions on the purchase of commodities on margin . As a consequence The price of Silver dropped 50% in just four days , The Hunt brothers who had borrowed heavily to finance their purchases, lost one Billion dollars (but their fortune survived) , Does not this look so similar to what happened last week with the CME  raising the margin requirements 5 times in nine days ? ,  the truth is that the amount of money the FED have printed up since 1980 is ten times higher, so if we adjust for inflation, the peak price from 1980 should be more like $500/oz. in today's dollars and not just $49 . What this tells us is that silver is still very very undervalued and as Mike Maloney told Max Keiser in an interview this morning "silver has yet to exceed its 1980 High we came within a breath of it but it hasn't exceeded its 1980 high , can you name one thing on this planet that is still selling at a discount to its 1980 price !?"

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