Thursday, May 26, 2011

CNBC FastMoney - Silver Up 3% - 5/25/2011

The Fast Money traders break down the major business news of the day, including oil and silver's rise.

it's kind of interesting that visa people have some confidence in, yet the overall market, they continue to hedge themselves because they're not trusting the s&p. i think is that's the toughest part right now. we're trying to figure out which way is the break out because it does feel like one is coming right now. we do want to address the silver trade today, because it was a very volatile one. it was up by more than 3% on the slv, the etf that tracks the physical commodity. and after the very volatile trade that we' seen over the past four week, is it a surprise we're seeing silver climb back up here? we have david hightower, he said $50 by year's end. once again, $50 by year's end. brian talked about it last night. silver has been funny. if you go back and look since may 5, the silver market never really traded lower than that. i do believe it's going to catch people off-guard on the move to 50. i think again, i think silver has sufficiently scared enough people awra where now the time is to be long the silver market. it just feels like it's got another leg to it. do we need to see the same amount of speculation return in order to approach $50, though, an ounce? no, absolutely not. and i think the absence of that speculation will be one of the reasons why the prices -- i think a lot of people look at the initial stages of may and they're somewhat fearful of being in the silver trade. as silver proves itself again in terms of price later is this year, gets above 40, gets above 45, you're going to have people who were shaken out that are going to have to chase silver at much higher price levels. i get the sense that silver was a ma raj raleily for a lot people. silver was going bananas when the real metals were already starting to hit the skids. to me, i feel like silvl have probably seen its high for the year. if anything, i still like gold versus silver. if you look at that ratio, and we said it yesterday,
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