Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silver Storage Confirmed Scam

Physical Silver Storage Confirmed Scam so be careful and go get your physical silver now

Bill who purchased some 5000 ounces of silver in January 2003 paying $4.94 had it stored for him by his broker since then , but June last year  his coin dealer challenged him to call his broker up in New York and ask for delivery , which he did , his broker told him that's not possible despite he was paying storage fees since 2003 ! it's part of the poll account you do not take delivery you just participate in the appreciation his broker told him , so bill decided to do the wise thing which is sell all that silver paper and go get the real physical silver that he can have in his own hands and store for himself , Physical Silver Shortage Confirmed to be a scam , I think Paper silver will be worthless once the masses catch on there is not enough silver to deliver physical to everyone that holds a paper representation of Silver. The Silver ETF s like JP Morgans SLV will substitute rapidly devalued if not worthless dollars as per their "non deliverable" clause in their fine print. You need to get out of paper now and convert it to physical Silver at whatever the cost before its too late.

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  1. Big surprise there... one more scam for the aged