Monday, April 4, 2011

Silver price above $38 again today

Silver price above $38 again today

I think were already starting to see some shortages and delivery delays, as the economic downtrend continues and more people start seeking safe-haven investments like precious Metals -we will definitely see Silver supplies drying up quickly. in 1979-80 when Silver peaked around $50.00 (present day value would be $175.00 per ounce) there were lines outside coin shops with people wanting to buy as much $50.00 per ounce Silver as they could -and there was 100 times more Physical then!The Mint has been selling record amounts of Silver Eagles these first two months of 2011 and APMEX is the Largest buyer of Silver eagles in the Country, the premiums on Silver Eagles are still Very High in the secondary market, but when the next leg up in Silver starts, these will also disappear rapidly - Im not a Financial Expert, but I believe the Market will decide the price of Silver and Gold, yes it can fluctuate in Fiat Currency value, but, unlike paper IOU's, Gold and Silver have withstood the test of time -they have kept their value through Wars, Hyperinflation, Depression, Government Instability, Market Crashes, ETC. NO Fiat currency has survived over the long term. Thanks for your comments. Keep on stackin

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