Monday, March 21, 2011

Silver price over $36/oz today

Silver bullion price over $36/oz today Gold price is at $1434. Signs of economic collapse and a crash of the dollar. Silver bullion price is over $36.Silver has been historically used as money just like Gold. Both tend to be safe heavens during crisis situations. Silver is still too cheap at this moment. The current food inflation around the world just may get worse with wheat stockpiles down, fewer plantings in Russia today. The US estimates that global grain stockpiles to be down 13%. Not only does the world face a further economic collapse but now governments must prepare for food riots and further unrest.Federal Reserve's QEs Cause Worldwide Inflation - Food Prices At Record Levels .I heard that the US Mint has suspended production of ASE's, due to lack of investment grade silver

It only makes sense that there will soon be a shortage of silver to the average person. It also makes sense that at the rate things are going, the Silver would be at 50.00 an ounce EASY by the end of 2011. The dollar is slipping faster than ever and suddenly people that never gave the metals a thought, are doing so now and making 1st purchases. Food survival cans? Better hurry for these folks. Just not available in many places (sold out) and up to 120 day waiting period. A panic is beginning. Every time the FED prints massive amounts of money, they transfer money from the poor to their banks. Eventually, if they do it enough times, the people will have paid for the theft that has taken place in the past 20 to 30 years. When this happens, the economy will begin to recover. The problem is, it seems there is not enough money in the world to bring back the banks from their death dive. So we need to protect ourselves by buying silver and storing actual nickels, pennies, etc., etc.

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