Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extreme concentration in COMEX gold and COMEX silver market

2 US banks hold 96% of COMEX commercial net short position
If enough people moved within the silver market and took delivery of their metal, then this artificial economy would end sooner than later. The so called 'Regulators' are no better than the Financial Banksters. A pox on all their mansions.Gold leasing and gold paper short positions are fraudulent empty IOU's (nothing) fiat paper "positions", this "paper" speculation is completely disconnected from the the real value of physical gold (and silver) bullion.

Wall Street is a fraud. The dollar is fiat and done. Goldman Sach are frauds Govt economic data: a fraud. Comex and The Federal Reserve: frauds Bernanke, Geitner, Paulson,  Stick to owning physical gold and silver bullion and let the music stop. silver is still a better choice to own than paper money.The metals were liquidated as were stocks of all sectors in Sept-Oct 2008. As there was a panic and all sectors, good and bad were sold. There is a manipulation in the short term but no firm or firms as big as the market. This has been tried before several times (documented) througout the centuries and failed. The bullions will have its top at a mania like previous equities and real estate sectors did. We are in a period of stagflation until 2017-18, that means extremes on both spectrums.Peace

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