Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Silver & Gold War: Paper vs. Physical

The Silver War is on. Everywhere I look the powers that be are waging war against true money. Janet Napolitano recently mentioned on a radio show that TSA may limit metal carried on airplanes by passengers. Unbelievable! JP Morgan & HSBC continue to manipulate the prices of precious metals downward. Investors that understand the gravity of our economic situation are wholesale dumping paper for physical metals.

Comex raises silver margins AGAIN today...

Zero hedge just came out with an article that states,

"The CME has just raised its margin requirement on silver again, bringing maintenance margins up from $6,500 to $7,250, after hiking it less than a week ago for the first time and preventing silver from surpassing $30."

The question is "How low can we go" ? (Leave your guess in the comment section)

JPM and HSBC are trying to pummel silver price down to close their naked shorts for Dec.

Try all they want.

This time, the beach-ball is not staying down. It's a physical thing, not a price thing.

What we see is a war developing.

The Battle between Paper vs Physical

At Royal Metals Group we are see in hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring into preciaous metals daily through our regstered investment representatives

Many Physical buyers are viewing these gabs down in price as excellent buying opportunities. In fact a movement to buy physical is currently going viral on the internet

Crash JP Morgan is the Rallying cry for 1000s of phyiscal hoard buyers

The War is ON! Which side will you be on?

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