Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Webster Tarpley Latest 24/March/2017

Trump-Ryan Attack on Obamacare, Medicaid, and Medicare Repulsed Without a Vote as GOP Ultra-Reactionaries and Moderates Revolt.
Entire White House Deconstruction Agenda in Deep Trouble; Danger Is Now Deliberate Republican Sabotage of ACA to Validate Big Lie of “Death Spiral”; HHS Secretary Price Commands Many Wrecking Tools; Emboldened “Freedom Caucus” Extremists plus Assorted Austerity Ghouls May Stage Debt Ceiling and Default Crisis; Time to Parlay Healthcare Win into Anti-Gorsuch Filibuster; Rep. Schiff Cites Russiagate Evidence That Goes Beyond Circumstantial; CNN Reports FBI Counterintelligence Sources Say Coordination May Have Occurred; Obamacare Victory Won for American People by Activists and Demonstrators at Countless Town Hall Meetings, Protest Marches, and 5.5 Million Person Women’s March of January 21, the Largest in American History; Now Mobilize to Reject Gorsuch.

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